Our Process

  • Getting to know the Client

    Getting to know the Client

    Developing a deep understanding of the existing nature of businesses, organization structure, culture, expansion and growth plans.

  • Deciphering the Job Requirements and formulating a Description

    Deciphering the Job Requirements and formulating a Description

    This would include job title, reporting structure, key result areas, criterion and other relevant details.

  • Launching the Search

    Launching the Search

    Once the data has been plugged and all gaps covered the team will devise a search strategy and develop a plan. This would entail putting all resources to use viz advertising, portal search, database search, referrals above all head hunting/Mapping.

  • The process of Industry Mapping and Headhunting

    The process of Industry Mapping and Headhunting

    This refers to developing a target list of appropriate industries and/or companies from which to recruit and identify appropriate levels within those companies. Further on to identify individuals at those levels who could be spoken to.

  • Preparing the Mapsheet

    Preparing the Mapsheet

    Utilising all sources at our disposal, our networks and database we will develop an initial candidate list. At this stage we continuously innovate and gather market intelligence so that we do not miss out on any suitable candidate.

  • Assessment


    Based on the criterion and the nuances discussed during our interaction and as per the Job Description, we will conduct an in depth telephonic assessment to verify the details as well as ascertain the suitability to the role. This is required will be followed by an interview to further assess.

  • Interviews


    Post our assessment StepUp will prepare a referral sheets of all suitable candidates and organise interviews between the candidate and the client representatives. Once the feedback is received we will prepare the final shortlist.

  • Reference Check

    Reference Check

    StepUp will conduct detailed references on the final candidate(s) you wish to hire, before the offer is formally extended, should you so require.

  • Negotiations


    StepUp will elicit the final candidate’s compensation requirements and if you wish, assist you in negotiating and closing the offer. However, the final decision to hire will be yours.

  • Time Frame

    Time Frame

    We work backwards from the target of having a person on board at the client within 3 months time subject to notice period. We would be sending you the first shortlist of candidates duly assessed at our end within 7 to 10 days of initiating the search.

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